The best land-based bookies in Ireland

14 Jun

Did you know, there are a whopping 862 land-based bookies in Ireland alone? That works out as an average of 1.8 bookies per 10,000 population. Not bad! It’s no secret that the Irish like a flutter on the horses (or football or hurling or rugby or anything else we can bet on), but with so much choice how do you know where to place your bets? We’re going to take a look at the best land-based bookies in Ireland.

Paddy Power

We have to kick off with this list with probably one of the most recognisable bookmakers in the whole of Ireland! Paddy Power was founded in 1988 in Dublin, by merging together 40 shops belonging to three Irish bookmakers. You don’t get much more Irish than Paddy Power! With their HQ still in Dublin and over 200 betting shops in Ireland alone, there’s no denying that this bookies dominates the Irish high street. In 2016, Paddy Power also merged with Betfair to create Paddy Power Betfair, further securing its position as one of the biggest land-based bookies in Ireland. Paddy Power plays to its strong Irish branding and tends to offer some of the best odds, for the majority of events. However, their customer satisfaction rating isn’t as high as some of the other bookies in Ireland.


This British-based betting company is another one of the most recognisable on the Irish high street, with most towns and cities having at least one red and white sign pulling punters in. While it may not be stereotypically Irish, there are a lot of things that Ladbrokes do well (which keeps us Irish happy). Their odds tend to be some of the best on the high street, they have a wide range of other games in most of their betting shops to kill the time, and they have a pretty good customer satisfaction rating. Ladbrokes definitely tick all of the right boxes when it comes to land-based bookies in Ireland, so they deserve a place on our list.


Back to the Irish blood now, in the form of Toals. This family business was set up in 1932 in Ballymena, Co. Antrim and has grown to nearly 40 branches across the country. This bookies is certainly proud to be Irish, sponsoring the Co. Antrim FA, Crusaders FC, and building a strong affiliation with Ulster National at Downpatrick Racecourse. The family business aspect, along with their Irish heritage, makes Toals a bookies well worth visiting. Add this to their All in One betting screens (which we love), a high customer satisfaction rating, and decent odds, and Toals are onto a winner.

Boyle Bookmakers

As the second largest bookies in Ireland, it would be madness to leave Boyle Bookmakers (also known as BoyleSports) off the list. This bookies has 231 branches across Ireland, with a HQ in Dundalk, County Louth. Established by John Boyle in 1982, this business has continued to grow and strategically take over shops from bookies such as Celtic Bookmakers and William Hill. They pride themselves in their customer experience and providing good value, which has earned them a place on our list of the best land-based bookies in Ireland.

While there are many bookies in Ireland, we feel we’ve rounded up some of the best! The next time you’re torn about where to place your bets, check out one of our suggestions instead.

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